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After listening to these stories all year round, the idea of going outside and actually knocking on strangers' doors seemed like suicide. Our problem is that I experience pre-mature ejaculation. Is it possible to enjoy being bade a cuckold? (M/F, wife-slut) Margaret Turns Forty Part 3 - by C Hump - The continuing saga of a 40 year-old house wife and her gang-bang experience.(M/F, wife-slut) Marie Loves Boys - by Kewtieboy - Thirty-something wife has a liking for young lads and when her husband. (MMF, wife, husb-voy, bi, oral, intr, size, creampie) My Wife Gets Stretched - by Anon - The opening sentence in this story says it all: The day my wife told me that she wanted to find out what it would be like to fuck. Wife loves it, too. She starts to cheat with other men, until one day she walks into a blue-collar bar and meets Ron. I have always had submissive tendencies and a secret desire to be a woman, hence my dabbling in cross-dressing." (MMF, F/dom, wife, cd) Guidelines For Hotwives - by Evangelina Vargas - Homer's sister advises hotwife wanabes. (F-solo, mast) Leggy and Legless - by DrSpin - A husband attends stag night at his local club and gets drunk out of his mind. I was prepared to dislike her. Steve talks the husband into trying a penis expansion contraption, saying that it had made his much bigger. (MF, wife, intr, cuck, voy) Late Night Door Bell - By Anon - It was a cold winter night and the door bell rings.

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(F/M-teen, intr, wife-cheat) Forbidden Sex - by Yellow Girl - My husband was the only man I had ever been with and our sex was boring. It wasn't that Malou wasn't gorgeous - she was. (MF, couples, wife-swapping) Jack and Sharon and Friends - by Dudley DoWrite - This story fulfills a fantasy that has been taking shape in my mind for some time. A little time away from husband and children is what she needs. (M/F, wife, intr, mc) Married Sister, The - by Eric Courtney - Rod had been in Vietnam a year and Gail lived alone, like many women back in the late 60's, having few friends and occasionally working for the Kelly Girls, taking office jobs when. I am not overly well endowed, as I have a five inch cock. (MMF, wife, voy, cuck, asian) My Little Party Girl -. (MMF, nc, voy, wife, mc, drugs) Lucy - by Seth Pen - A wife wants some sexy photos taken of her as an anniversary surprise for her husband. That is until he caught me last month." (M/F, wife-cheat, intr) Moving Day Slut - by LeatherZebra - My hotwife submits to 2 BBCs while she experiences her first DVP. (MF, wife, voy, intr, swing) Friends And Family Through The Glory Hole - by Rrrumbler54 - I invite a few friends to enjoy my wife's skills through a gloryhole. (MF, nc, wife, oral, voy, v) Korean Affair - by Sarah Anne Talley - An American couple moves to Seoul Korea because of a job opportunity. Well the other night I finally told him that I needed more sex from him.

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exh, reluc, oral, anal, bd, ws, beast, military, orgy) Life The Afgan Way - by Lancho - A UN worker is offered a child wife and to avoid an international incident, he takes her. (MMF, wife, exh, voy, swing, orgy) Halloween Party - by BigStudlyDude - I plan to attend an annual Halloween party but when I am forced into changing my costume at the last moment it leads to a case of mistaken identity. About a week after he arrived Gina began coming home and telling me about her new boss, a rather stately gentleman in his early sixties, and about his noticeable interest in her body." (fm, voy, wife-share) Girl's Trip - by Acer - A wife goes. (MMF, exh, wife, cheat, blkmail, beast) Helena - by Omar - "My business has been occupying more and more of my time recently and my wife, Helena, felt I was neglecting her. This one's about a boys mother who falls for her son's friend. Kat is a swinging housewife who loves sex with all kinds of people and describes what it's like to be a swinger. On the way down, the elevator gets stuck and they renew old lusts in the lift. (F/m-teen, ped, wife, voy, oral, mast) Mardi Gras - by Cyberjak - A man sets his wife up to be raped at the Mardi Gras. A stranger, a pool and a willing wife makes my fantasy come true. (MF, cheat, mast, oral, preg) I Am His Slave - by Anon - A wife finds that she enjoys being dominated by her husband and his friends. (MMF, wife, bi, ws) It Takes All Types - by Joseph Lawrence - With a push I penetrated, thrusting deep and strong, mercilessly taking my pleasure and hers. (MMF, wife-sharing, swing) Me In The Dark And The Dark In Me - by Melissa Duran - My first time with another man was a surprise encounter and hopefully won't be the last. To make things easier, it was dark, very dark.

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One of shared fantasies and then ultimate fulfillment. (MF, reluc, wife, mc, voy, intr, cuck) Hot Fun With Doris - by spanking frauen frauen ab 50 ficken CK - Wife gets drunk, and the fun starts. (Mdom/MF, bi, wife, exh, orgy, rom) Hurricane Ike - by Brenda Brown - During the evacuation for Hurricane Ike, a young black man's and a married spanking frauen frauen ab 50 ficken white woman's paths crossed in a sexual manner. (F/m-teen, voy, oral, escort service malou strip mast, cuck). A power he doesn't hesitate to use for his own pleasure and amusement. Elevator, The - by Ickric - Another in the "Joanne" series. Story includes huge black cocks. (MF, F/beast, exh, oral, anal, wife, cheat) Katoey Ladyboy For My Wife - by Starfire Mayo - My Thai wife and I both have sex with a Katoey ladyboy in Bangkok. (MF, voy, wife-sharing, orgy) Master Key, The - by Zyguy - A co-worker decides to dip his wick into his supervisor's pretty wife. Having been a little bit of a free spirit myself in high school I'd let her get away with. I don't think most people would think there was anything kinky about my wife and. (MMF, wife-sharing) Michelle - by Wifewriter - How my wife finally fulfilled my greatest fantasy. (MF, reluc, mc, wife, husb-voy) My Wife The Las Vegas Hooker - by Spamman - Wife is board with their regular sex and wants to try a fantasy she's had for a long time. (MF, intr, oral) Foursome To Be Or Not To Be - by Jim - My wife and I meet up with her coworker and her husband. My husband is a Minister in a small town in Texas. (MF) Part 2 My Blowjob Lifestyle - by Linda - After enjoying many of the stories on the net, I've decided to share my story about being a blowjob girl. Things start to quickly get out of control. What would Rodney do? (FF, exh, 1st-bi-expr, oral) Jenny Takes a Detour - by Warthog - Sex in a car - "My name is Jenny.

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Lotus massage frederiksberg telefonsex dansk Meanwhile back at home, her 16 cumshot pige slikker pige year-old son and 14 year-old daughter find out what can happen when they are left home alone and have their first affair. (M/F, slut-wife, intr, cuck).
Party sex pont sex film gratis A Mercedes car which most of us manage to obtain, if we get decent work, and a blue-eyed blonde haired voluptuous white girlfriend. (MF/m-teens, ped, 1st, bi, mast, oral, alcohol, drugs) My Wife Debbie - by Jim N Deb - One of the most exciting things that has happened in our marriage is the discovery that my wife Debbi is an exhibitionist. Especially after he began to ignore. (MMF, wife-sharing, preg) Kaye Lets Go - by Cuckolded1946 - Kaye invites me for coffee when her husband goes on a trip and finds out what it's like to let go and enjoy. (MF, wife, intr, husb-voy, preg, cuck) Kathy and my Frat Brothers - by Warthog - About a month ago I received a letter from a college fraternity brother of mine.
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Thai massage i sønderjylland store nøgne patter Suddenly she is told that her money is no longer any good, and she is aghast to find out about the new coin of the realm. (MF-cpls, MMF, swingers) Fourteen Inches - by Anon - A man and his wife are happily married until his old buddy Steve shows. When Carl was 12 years old Sara sent him to live with Mia and me because he was trying to watch when she fucked her boyfriends. She meets Anthea who changes her life forever.
Knep mig hårdt swinger odense (MMF, wife, d/s, exh, intr, spank, swingers) Fresh White Pussy - by Karen Kay - A white married bank teller gets hooked on black cock when she arranges to make a private video for her hubby with a black man. The guys just can't figure her out. Page Two, easy - by Deirdre - A man's wife tells him that they're going to have a threesome with her old roommate from college. (MF, wife, bd) Farm Girl - by Anon - Shannon finds out that married life might not be all that much fun afterall. (MMF, bi, voy, oral, anal, intr, alcohol, drugs) My Wife Carla - by Anon - His wife puts out for a family friend to please her husband.